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Super Scrambler

Super Scrambler

At the start of the Scrambler myth, the road bikes were provided with on-off tires, radial wheels and adapted suspensions to face tracks at full speed with the sole aim of enjoying maximum riding fun.

Super Scrambler’s DNA is founded on this concept, to then supersede it by uniting the fascinating Morini Scrambler 1200’s indomitable and rebellious spirit, the first heritage of the big engines from the year 2000, to the Milano’s style and sophisticated elegance.

The construction care is exquisitely artisan, and it is entirely built in Italy with the best materials and a refined taste for detail. From ignition to top speed, comfort and stability accompany the motorcyclist in the Super Scrambler saddle. The typical off-road set up joins with a more suitable use on asphalt, thanks to elements such as road suspension settings and Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR on-off tyres.



Lunghezza totale: 2120 mm
Larghezza totale (specchi retrovisori esclusi): 930 mm
Altezza sella: 830 mm
Peso in ordine di marcia: 202 kg
Materiale: Traliccio in acciaio25CrMo4,
saldature con tecnologia TIG
Interasse: 1500 mm
Angolo di sterzo: 25°
Avancorsa: 110 mm
Freno anteriore: doppio disco, diametro 320 mm,
pinza quattro pistoni Brembo, pompa radiale
Freno posteriore: Disco singolo, diametro 220 mm,
pinza a doppio pistone Brembo.
ABS: Sistema BOSCH MP9.1 per entrambi gli assi,
disattivabile dal pilota con comando al manubrio
Cerchio anteriore: 3,50”x17” cerchio a raggi, tubeless
Cerchio posteriore: 5,50”x17” cerchio a raggi, tubeless
Pneumatico anteriore: 120/70-17” Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR
Pneumatico posteriore: 180/55-17” Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR
Cruscotto: LCD 5”, con finestre utente
multi configurazione
Famiglia motore: FMVE11
Potenza massima: 116 CV (85,4 kW) a 8000 rpm
Coppia massima: 108 Nm (11,0 Kgm) a 7000 rpm
Numero e disposizione cilindri: V2- 87°
Cilindrata: 1187 cc
Sistema di raffreddamento: a liquido
Forcella: Forcella telescopica rovesciata Ø 46 mm
totalmente regolabile in precarico, registro idraulico
in compressione ed estensione.
Corsa utile ruota: 120 mm
Sospensione posteriore: Monoammortizzatore con
leveraggio progressivo di collegamento al forcellone,
totalmente regolabile in precarico (con comando
idraulico), altezza, registro idraulico in ritorno.
Corsa utile ruota: 110 mm

Total length: 2120 mm
Total width (excluding rear view mirrors): 930 mm
Saddle height: 830 mm
Mass in running order: 202 kg
Material: Steel 25CrMo4 trellis, welded with TIG
Wheelbase: 1500 mm
Rake angle: 25°
Trail: 110 mm
Front brake: double disc, diameter 320 mm,
four pistons caliper made by Brembo, radial pump
Rear Brake: single disc, diameter 220 mm,
double pistons caliper made by Brembo
ABS: BOSCH MP9.1 system on both wheels,
removable by rider handlebar command
Front rim: 3,50”x17” spoked rim, tubeless
Rear rim: 5,50”x17” spoked rim, tubeless
Front tyre: 120/70-17” Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR
Rear tyre: 180/55-17” Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR
Dashboard: full LCD 5”, with multi-window
Engine code: FMVE11
Power: 116 CV (85,4 kW) at 8000 rpm
Torque: 108 Nm (11,0 Kgm) at 7000 rpm
Cylinders: V2 87°
Displacement: 1187 cc
Cooling system: liquid
Front suspension: Ø 46 mm Upsidedown telescopic
fork fully adjustable in preload, damping in
compression and rebound.
Wheel travel: 120 mm
Rear suspension: Single shock with progressive
link to swingarm, fully adjustable in preload
(with hydraulic command), height, damping
in rebound.
Wheel travel: 110 mm


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